Major Richard J. Meadows

Letters and Photos From Dick's Friends

Carey Drumheller Writes and  furnished Photo          22 Sept 1999  

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Dick Meadows and Carey C. "Drum" Drumheller, Wind River Wilderness Area, Near Dubois, Wyoming.  August 1953. Military Mountaineering School, out of Camp Carson, Colorado. Glacier Training on Gannett Peak.  Dick and I were a Climbing Team. (And always hungry)  I caught'em and he cooked'em.


22 September 1999   

Best Wishes   Carey C. Drumheller Former SM 2-12th




Larry S. McMillin            Writes                                17 Oct 1999

That is where I met Dick walking up that long hill that looked like it would never end..   The next day is when that photo was taken. We went down the mountain into Wind River Valley and that is where the Ink Well’s were . He was young, and said “look what we get for free , and  they have to pay for it.”  ( that was when we saw the Pond’s family, heirs to the Pond’s Soap fortune) Look at those fish. they were probably caught with the little red piece of cellophane from cigarettes packs. The fish were red in color and had No scales, if any . The name of the place was the Ink Well's. It took us two days to get to there. I believe. I can taste those fish now. We wrapped them in leaves and mud and baked them .I saw him many times over the years , always smiling and knowing he was way ahead of the game of life.

Larry®¿®            Larry S. McMillin     SFA D455L  




J.D. Roberts Writes                  22 October 1999

 I served with Dick at the Florida Ranger Camp in the early 70's and again in 79-81 in SFOD-Delta- I have worked for and with him closely, I have spent long hours talking with him while hunting and I can say Dick Meadows is one of the finest men I have ever met--he possessed many wonderful traits but taking care of his men and being willing to lead from the front had to be what endeared him to me. He will be missed by those who knew him.

JD            James D. Roberts      22 October 1999



Greg McGuire Writes                 4 January 2000

I served with Dick during the Sontay Raid. I thought he was one hell of a soldier.

There are some pictures of him on our website: 

Greg          Gregory McGuire      4 January 2000

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Preparing for the Son Tay Raid

Photo and Names furnished by Earl McMillian     5 January 2000

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HALO Class 1965 8TH SF Group 
Gatun Drop Zone, Panama Canal Zone

F- L to R Instructors, 

Msg. Dick Meadows, Ssg. James Hauck, Capt. Chuck Fry

R-L to R 

SFC. Norbury, SFC. Reed, Capt. Perkins, Chilean Exchange Officer, Sp5. McBroom,  SSG.  McTamany