Meadows Early Life

as "Junior" from Virginia

Research by: P. King 10 April 2000
Richard J. Meadows (known back home as Junior) was born at 6701 Johnson Creek Road, Covington, Virginia, 24426, then known as Johnson's Creek, Virginia.

The house where Richard J. Meadows was born has since burned, where the Howards live now,  and another house built in its place.

When Richard J. Meadows was about 10 years old Bernard "Bernie" Meadows, Richard J. Meadows Father, a Cole Miner, and mother Hattie Booth Meadows, a native of Covington, Virginia, moved to Ghent, West Virginia to be closer to the Cole Mines.

Richard J. Meadows attended the Free will Baptist Church with his Mom, Dad, Uncle Oscar and Aunt Grace every Sunday and Sunday Night and whenever there were meeting, as roudy as fidgity as most young boys can be at times, until he went into the military

When Bernard "Bernie" Meadows, Richard J. Meadows Father, remarried a few years later to Bertha Plumley, they moved back to Johnson's Creek as the Cole Mines were playing out.

This is about the time Richard J. Meadows signed up in the Military at about age 14 or15,.his Uncle Oscar signed and was witness for him to go in the service.

Bernard "Bernie" Meadows, Richard J. Meadows Father, started building houses, some of the most beautiful homes in the Ghent Area of West Virginia,  from then on until he died in about 1981.

Richard J. Meadows' Grandfather was Anderson Meadows, A native to Johnson's Creek Virginia, who owned most of the land on Johnson's Creek, Virginia.

Bernard "Bernie" Meadows, Richard J. Meadows father married Bertha Plumley and they had two daughters, Rebecca and Phyllis, who both live in Ghent, West Virginia.

Bernard "Bernie" Meadows died 26 September 1983.

Hattie Booth Meadows died while in Florida.


Note: As to stories of Richard J. Meadows having been born in a Moon Shiner's Shack with dirt floors in West Virginia:

Melvin recalls it as not being a palace, but livable for the time during the Great Depression, in Johnson's Creek, Virginia.

Martha recalls it as "Oh Posh"

As to being a moon shiner, "Everybody did, Those New Yorkers would give a weeks pay for a quart of the stuff."


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